How long have you been in the diamond business?

Mr. Prakash Narola has been in the diamond industry since 1994. In 2009, he opened his own company, Diamonds On Fire. With his extensive experience dating back to 1994, he has built a reputation of having high standards in the diamond industry. Diamonds On Fire has progressed year by year and is well defined as a company with firm beliefs and authority.

Where is your Sales & Marketing offices located?

We are located in 15 West 47th St. Suite #810 New York, NY USA.

Where is your diamond inventory located?

All our diamonds are housed here in New York. In some cases, wherein some goods are ordered from overseas, and have not arrived, we keep the clients informed on the status and location of the shipment.

Can we look diamonds physically before buying?

Yes, but it has to be by appointment only. Out of town customers need to call us for the memo inspection and would have to provide credit references in advance. No exceptions.

Do you have any minimum order quantity [MOQ]?

It is purely the customers choice how much they want to buy from us, one stone or thousand stones.

How do you ship the diamonds?

We ship diamonds to our customers through FedEx, UPS, MALCA AMIT,G4S.

What is the charge for the shipment?

Shipping charges may vary depending on the value of the diamond and the location of the shipping address. Non-contiguous states, like Alaska and Hawaii will be charged more. For more information, please contact us.

What could be the minimum possible time to reach diamonds at my destination?

Normally within 1-4 business days.

What is your online payment term?
We require advance payment. Goods are delivered upon receipt of ADVANCE payment.
Do you accept credit cards?

No, the mode of payment is by way of SWIFT remittance through a bank.

Do you accept payment in US $ or other currencies also?

We only accept USA currency only. No exceptions.

Can we make an offer / negotiate / bargain on the price?

Our price is firm but we do offer -2% discount for advanced payment/wire transfer.

In the certified diamonds, what is the carat range you are dealing into?

We have certified diamonds from 0.50 cts to 3.99 cts.

Do you sell non certified diamonds?

We mostly carry GIA certified diamonds but we also carry several non-certified diamonds that are hand-picked by our experienced diamond buyer.

Do you keep your inventory on Rapaport, Polygon and DDC ?


What if we do not like the diamonds? Can we return/exchange?

We firmly believe that our merchandise are of premium quality. We normally advise our clients to carefully examine our diamonds before purchasing the goods. We can make a few exceptions if the situation calls for it but this rarely happens.

Can you hold the stones for me for 24hrs ?

Yes. In some cases, new customers need to provide their company information and details.

Can you provide your inventory for our use? Or can I upload your inventory at our website?

Yes. You can download our inventory list with the diamond images and GIA certificates on Rapnet(73511).

If I am not able to find what I am looking for?

You can let us know what exactly you are looking for and we can help you find it.

Are your all diamonds natural?

Absolutely! We only carry natural conflict-free diamonds that are Kimberley Process Compliant. We do not sell nor carry laboratory or man-made diamonds.