Customer Care Policy

Diamonds On Fire’s relationship with its customers resonates the qualities of true diamonds – strong, steadfast and scintillating. That’s why our bond extends beyond that of seller-buyer.
Besides, ensuring fair and transparent deals, cost-effectiveness and product genuineness, the company  facilitates the customers with efficient after-sales service like prompt delivery through excellent shipping facility.
The company has also introduced a unique, fresh concept of ‘diamond image’ wherein every single diamond is taken through a professional digital camera and is perfectly describe based on its brilliance, make, color and clarity on the web. This enables the customers to select the stones of their choice while sitting at their desk.
Moreover, as a company policy, the prices stand firm. However, we offer a -2% discount strictly for wire transfer and advanced payment. The company also provides credit for its clients via references only.
Full support to customers are provided and required because we believe relationships are like diamonds PRICELESS!